Italian Economic Policy Forum

Italian Economic Policy Forum

On July 11th, Gruppo di Iniziativa Italiana, Deloitte Italia and ConfIndustria hosted the first edition of the Italian Economic Policy Forum powered by Ianusgroup and the Italian Business Nework. 


The event presented the findings of the CFO Survey 2017 in the first quarter by Deloitte Italy (presented by Riccardo Raffo). This survey was conducted in Italy and other main EMEA countries. The objective of the study was to explore new challenges and opportunities for Italian companies in the international context. In addition, the conference aimed to spark a discussion on the main economic and political variables for Italian companies.

The first edition of the Italian Economic Policy Forum was graced with the presence of Marco Buti (Director General of DG ECFIN), Roberto Viola (Director General of DG CONNECT), Elena Basile (Italian Ambassador in Brussels), Roberto Gualtieri (President of ECON - S&D), Massimiliano Salini (Member of European Parliament - EPP), Roberto Mannozzi (CFO Gruppo Ferrovie and President of ANDAF) and Marcella Panucci (General Director of ConfIndustria). 

For the CFO Survey study, please click here.

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