History and Vision

According to Roman mythology, Janus is the god of gates, doors, endings, and time. He is caricaturised with two faces looking in opposite directions, symbolising his view into the past and future. He is commonly remembered for his two namesakes, the month January and the Northern-Italian city Genoa in Italy. Genoa has been leading the trade industry in the Mediterranean Sea during the XIIth century and is the birth place of Cristoforo Columbus who, with the support of the Spanish kingdom, discovered Americas in the XVth century.

In line with this successful cooperation between Italy and Spain, our founder Luca has decided to start a new venture with Isabel, a talented Spanish entrepreneur and political guru from Madrid. They both see Ianus as a reference point for clients to strengthen their business and develop  relationships at local and international level. They endeavour to optimise resources and processes at disposal to maximise benefits and profits in line with the new global trends and needs.

Meet our Team

Luca Selva



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In Brussels since 2005, he worked for the Italian Chambers of Commerce and for Deloitte, advising more than 100 multinationals. In 2013, Luca founded Ianus Group.

Carmen Sánchez


Policies & Communications

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With a law degree and Masters in Telecommunications Law, Carmen arrived in Brussels over 10 years ago. Here, she has worked on various European projects. While working as a Member of the European Parliament's Assistant, she became a shareholder and inspirational leader of Ianus Group.

Isabel BenjumeA*


Diplomacy & International Relations 

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Former Lawyer at the World Bank. Founder and Manager of a leading Spanish tourism company. Co- Founder of Floridablanca, an influential pro-market think tank in Spain.

*From July 1, 2019

Isabel is not actively working for IANUS GROUP as she has been elected

Member of the European Parliament.

Riccardo Bozano


Arts, Coaching & Training

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Pedagogue, artist, walker. Riccardo develops training and consulting actions with public and private organisational realities. He deepens, with studies and practice, experiential methodologies, which are applied to training, psychosocial interventions with human systems, social research, works with groups and organisational change.


Franco Ravano

Cressi USA – CEO & President

Sporting Goods

Andrea Zanon

Amsterdam & Partners Strategic – CEO


Miguel Angel Sánchez Fornié

ICAI – Professor

Smart Grids

José Benjumea

Powen – CEO

Renewable Energies

Roberto Zangrandi

EDSO – Secretary General


Massimo Rocca

ENEL – Head of Security Strategy

Cyber Security

Sara Carrer

BCW – Senior Director





Senior Consultant

Strategy & Events

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With a keen interest in sustainable development and creative media, Pia has been working in Brussels since 2014. Here, she had the opportunity to work with Luca at ThinkYoung and is proud to be part of Ianus Group as of January 2016.


De Giorgi



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With a background in Business Administration and Sports Management, André has been in US for 4 years finishing his studies. He has come to Brussels in order to gain experience as an entrepreneur in

Ianus Group. He has the opportunity to develop his competencies in a dynamic European environment.



Senior Consultant

Accounting, Legal, Fiscal & Events

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With a background in Business administration and European Studies, 
where he obtained a good knowledge of Project Cycle Management and EU funding  programmes, 
Andrea started his career in an Italian company as administrative assistant. Then, he moved to Brussels in 2014 where he still works at Ianus Group in the field of strategy and office administration.


Greta Bertolucci



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Junior Consultant

Communications, Events & Social Media

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With a background in Political Science and International Relations, Alice has vast experience in diplomatic missions and international organizations. As she recently completed her Masters, Alice has moved to Brussels to join Ianus Group in October 2018.

Javier Vidueira

External Consultant


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Julián Arrieta



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With a background in Business Administration, Pilar arrived to Brussels in 2018 to work for the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg. Recently, she has had the opportunity to join Ianus Group and is eager to keep growing with them.

Greta has recently ended her Master Degree in International Relations at Luiss University, with a specialization in European Studies. Born in Italy, she lived in Brussels for the Erasmus experience and for her curricular internship at ThinkYoung. Later, she did an internship at the Italian Embassy in Madrid, where she decided to write her final paper on city-diplomacy. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Economist based in Spain, Javier has experience in the banking sector due to the years spent working at ICO, Spain's Development Bank. He also worked close to entrepeneurs in the entrepeneurial ecosystem developed in the Madrid City Hall. Since October 2018 is working as an external consultant at Ianus Group.


Olivia Silva de la Lastra

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Olivia is a fourth-year student ending her career in the University of Francisco Victoria, studying a double degree in Journalism and International Relations. Born in Argentina, raised in Germany, Jamaica and Panama, she is trilingual in Spanish, German and English. She is an intern at Ianus Group in Madrid as of January 2019 and her role in the firm consists of investigating the current global megatrends that are shaping our society. 

Konstantinos Thomopoulos

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Despite being only 19, Konstantinos has always been a person with greater expectations and goals, meeting his strong mindset and his global perspective. He is a second-year student at University of Patras, in Greece, studying Business Administration, and intern at Ianus Group as of March 2019, currently investigating the current global megatrends that are shaping our society. 

Yolanda González

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Yolanda has recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and International Relations. Her areas of expertise are communication and public speaking, she has worked for the communication consultancy Train and Talk and is an active member of NOVA Talent Network. Yolanda was an intern at Ianus Group in Madrid from June to November 2018.


With offices in Brussels and Madrid, Ianus Group offers tailor-made strategic solutions to multinationals companies, associations, NGOs and ambitious start-ups.


Ianus Group aims at maximizing the benefits of clients by strengthening business strategies and ensuring long-lasting and successful co-sourcing partnerships with them.

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