sustainable purpose

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

Being sustainable is not a fad. Recycling, saving and consuming responsibly are practices that we must adopt if we want to preserve the planet and stop climate change.

At ianusGroup, we care about the well-being of both employees and environment. To be a sustainable office and to reduce the environmental impact generated by our company, we run campaigns to respect the environment and to engage in social collaboration.


travelling responsibly

Mobility is essential to transport people and items. It gives access to socio-economic opportunities and it is fundamental to modern life.​ Yet, mobility systems are complex and in Europe transport still accounts for 25% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. The way we interact with transport is due for a massive change if we are looking at meeting the United Nation's SDGs by 2030.


As a proactive member of society, ianusGroup commits to cut the number of flights in half and to decrease the impact on local mobility by almost 16%. How? By increasing working remotely and by walking and cycling more.

Find out more in our guidelines! 


Behaving consciously


Our society functions with production and consumption of goods and services. As part of the developed world, our consumption share is much higher than in developing countries. Sustainable production and consumption is a choice we make and a behaviour we adopt. To become more sustainable, ownership of the challenge should be taken at every level of society.

At ianusGroup, sustainability is embedded in our long-term strategy and implemented on a daily operations. It is the driver for growth for both the organisation and the individuals involved. We endeavour to behave responsibly on a daily basis by saving energy resources, consuming responsibly and recycling our waste wherever possible.

Read more in our guidelines!


engaging with society


Even though every action counts, one cannot achieve a globally sustainable state alone. A common vision requires teamwork of all members of society. While many initiatives have been founded to help people act more sustainably, our company commits to engage with society both within ianusGroup and with our external stakeholders.

Discover how in our guidelines!

think sustainable - act responsible